“How to Overcome Your Fear of Confrontation”, 2015 "How to Overcome Your Fear of Confrontation", 2015
“How to Overcome Your Fear of Confrontation”

The idea was the easy part. Red Riding Hood and the wolf burst into my mind as soon as I saw the word “confrontation” in this article’s title. But how could I best do this under a tight deadline? That was tough.

Here’s the key: I never got rid of the original sketch. It’s right there under the black ink, giving energy and 3-D shading to the art.

I also limited the colors to 4 (plus black and white). The simplified colors just told the story of confrontation better. Little Red looks far angrier in all red, especially when contrasted with the 3 cool colors: green, purple and blue.

This was created using Manga Studio 5. Little by little, I’m discovering the power of this inexpensive & amazing program.